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The Top Ten National Universities and National Liberal Arts Colleges Hot Off the Ticker

US News and World Report has just released its widely distributed annual listing of the top national universities and liberal arts colleges in the country. Its evaluative criteria include academic reputation, retention rates, faculty resources, selectivity, financial resources, graduation rates, and alumni giving rates. The top ten lists of colleges ranked is below:

The Top Ten National Universities
1. Harvard
1. Princeton
3. Yale
4. Columbia
5. California Institute of Technology
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5. Stanford
5. University of Chicago
5. University of Pennsylvania
10. Duke

The Top Ten National Liberal Arts Colleges
1. Williams
2. Amherst
3. Swarthmore
4. Pomona
5. Middlebury
6. Bowdoin
6. Carleton
6. Wellesley
9. Claremont McKenna
10. Haverford

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