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The Value of Getting College and Advanced Degrees (Professional, Masters, PhDs)

Skepticism about the value of a college degree has peaked recently in many media outlets as a seemingly temporary recession turns into a prolonged period of economic stagnation or worse. While economic challenges remain for even the best educated, unemployment and weekly earnings figures paint a vivid picture of the advantages of achieving college and advanced degrees. The following figures bear this out.

Degree , Unemployment Rate in 2009, Median Weekly Earnings in 2009
Doctoral, 2.5%, $1,532
Professional, 2.3%, $1,529
Master’s, 3.9%, $1,257
Bachelor’s, 5.2%, $1,025
Associate, 6.8% , $761
Some College, No Degree, 8.6%, $699
High School Grad, 9.7%, $626
Less than High School Diploma, 14.6%, $454
Average All Workers, 7.9%, $774

Conclusion about the value of school/education:

Degree attainment clearly correlates to job stability and earnings. Gaining access to the best schools is highly competitive.
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