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Tips for the Medical School Interview

You made it! You are at a prospective medical school interview! You want to make sure that you are prepared before you get to this point, so here are some med school interview tips:

Know your history! Make sure that you know all parts of your application. Be prepared to speak about any of the submissions that you made. Remember that you know your file better than the interviewers do. You can steer the conversation to the points that you find more important or more impressive. Now this doesn’t mean that you can completely blow off the interviewer’s question and answer your own, but with a little bit of practice, you can develop the ability to seamlessly segway to the concepts you find most important in your application.

Make sure that you know all there is for a prospective student to know about the school you are interviewing at. Research the pamphlets and the website of the school and be prepared to answer, “Why do you want to come here” and also to ask questions about the school.

Also be prepared and up to date with the current events. There are many new and interesting things happening in the healthcare system today. Be sure you can talk about the basics and have an opinion ready. Keep in mind, however, that though your opinion is valued, it shouldn’t be offensive to anyone. You don’t want to step on any toes, but you do want to show that you are capable of forming your own opinion and that you can think for yourself.

Finally, be rested and well dressed. Med school interview attire should be sharp, professional, but comfortable. You should look like the role you are interviewing for: a doctor and a professional.

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