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Great Tips to Prepare for the SAT Exam

For the students out there taking SAT Exam, I would like to give a few key tips to prepare for this standardized test.  As you probably know, the SAT exam is broken down into three parts: Writing, Math, and Reading.

In preparing for this exam, I’ll suggest one simple thing you can do for each section to get prepared.  Though there are many strategies which we use at Top Test Prep to help students, these will give you some quick tips to share with your friends.

For the SAT Writing sections:  Consider reading through the “sentence error” sections of the SAT writing and looking at the whole sentence instead of the sentence in parts.  Instead of stopping each time you read an “incorrect” error in a passage, read the entire sentence first and then assess the answer choices for the right answer.  Often times students taking the SAT exam fail to consider the sentence on the whole and instead fragment it into parts.  Our natural speech pattern recognizes errors, assuming a basic understanding of the English language.  If you do have a basic understanding on nouns, adjectives, possessives, conjunctions, articles, adverbs, etc, you will be able to read a sentence and hear it for its whole part – hopefully hearing what sounded best between the answer choices.

For the SAT Critical Reading sections: Consider looking for the author’s attitude and tone when analyzing and preparing to answer SAT critical reading questions.  Once you have read a reading passage in the SAT, go back through the passage and circle words that suggest how the author feels about a certain thing or issue.  Often times students read SAT critical reading sections and forget to look for the big picture.  Remember:  the SAT writers aren’t trying to test you on your ability to remember minute details, rather they want to make sure you can read a passage and understand the tone, rhetoric (argument), and outline of the main body.

For the SAT Math sections:  If you only have a couple weeks left to prepare for the SAT, spend time on only two key main subjects within the SAT math section like solid Geometry or coordinate Geometry and any algebra that is required to answer these SAT math/geometry questions.  Or if you have more time to prepare for the SAT, take the all-inclusive SAT math formula box, and try to develop your own questions that are applicable for the SAT math section.  After all, they say the way you know a problem or issue best is if you can explain it to others.  Try these questions which you have developed, on your friends and see if your answers and methodology make sense.

I hope these SAT preparation tips help you in preparing for the SAT Exam.  At Top Test Prep, we pride ourselves in provides excellent SAT tutoring and test prep for students.  Top Test Prep also has an excellent ACT prep program as well if you are taking the ACT exam.

My best wishes for you and get in touch if you need more help improving your test scores.


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