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Top 10 National Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges by Their Contribution to the Social Good

Recent years have witnessed a proliferation of university and college evaluation systems using criteria which differ from the highly visible and academically geared US News and World Report ratings. Washington Monthly magazine has come out with an interesting ranking system focused on which colleges do the most for the public good. The three broad criteria it uses are social mobility (recruiting and graduating low income students); research (producing cutting edge scholarships and PhD’s); and service (encouraging students to give something back to their country). The top ten national universities and liberal arts colleges by their contributions to the social good in 2010 with their overall scores follow.

Top Ten National Universities
1. University of California, San Diego 100
2. University of California, Berkeley 97
3. University of California, Los Angeles 93
4. Stanford University, Stanford, CA 87
5. University of Texas, Austin 83
6. University of California, Davis 81
7. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 79
8. Syracuse University, NY 78
9. Harvard University, MA 78
10. College of William and Mary, VA 77

Top Liberal Arts Colleges
1. Morehouse College (GA) 100
2. Bryn Mawr College (PA) 94
3. Swarthmore College(PA) 89
4. Berea College (KY) 89
5. Amherst College (MA) 85
6. Harvey Mudd College (CA) 80
7. Williams College (MA) 79
8. Spelman College (GA) 77
9. Wesleyan College (MA) 76
10. Wellesley College (MA) 76

Students and their families are encouraged to examine alternative evaluative systems for institutions of higher learning when deliberating on colleges. This should be supplemented by college visits and meetings with faculty or staff in possible majors to discuss class size, the percentage of professors teaching who are tenured or tenure-track, and graduate school and job placement success.
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