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Top 10 Things to Consider when Selecting a College

Some things to consider when selecting a college…

Choosing a college can truly be a daunting task. With close to 5,000 traditional colleges and universities across the country, there are a lot of choices. When choosing a college there are a few things that you can consider to make the process go smoothly and reduce the stress of the whole process.

To begin with, make a list of potential colleges. This big list should include every college that you might be willing to attend. Once you have a list, narrow it down by taking the time to consider all of the following.

Location. Does the location of the school matter to you? If so consider whether or not each college on your list fits your needs.

Degree Programs. Obviously degree programs matter. In this case you don’t just want to look at undergraduate degrees. If you did decide to further your education with a Masters or a Doctorate, does the school provide programs to suit?

Campus Resources.  What resources does the school have to offer that will help you on your road to secondary education? Do they have labs for their science programs for example?

Academic Rankings. How does the college rate when compared to similar institution? Although rankings aren’t everything, there is usually a reason that the highest ranked schools have higher peer ratings.

Costs.  Consider the costs involved in attending each institution. Tuition isn’t the only factor; you should also factor in the cost of food, housing, and any other activities that you plan to be involved in.

Class Sizes.  A college with a smaller class size may be more difficult to get into, and they may have higher tuition costs. But, they also might give you a more personalized educational curriculum.

Housing Options. What options do you have for housing in the area? Do they offer on campus housing? If not, does the rental market in the area fit with your budget?

Faculty. Along with the school itself you should also look at the faculty. A good school will have full time, doctorate-qualified, professors.

The Student Body.  Does the student body fit you? Does the campus have a diverse student population, with students from different ethnical backgrounds?

Admissions Counselors.  It is always worth getting a second opinion. Talk to the admissions counselors at the school(s) you’re considering. You may even consider hiring an admissions consultant to help you choose the right school.

Taking the time to consider all of these elements when selecting a college will make the selection process easier. More than that, it will help you to choose the school that is right for you, and in turn help you to get the most from your college years.

Ross Blankenship is an admissions consultant and education expert. He is also an author and Founder of Top Test Prep.

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