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Top 5 Boarding School Admissions and Application Tips

If you’re applying to boarding schools, there are a few quick admissions tips to help you navigate the private school admissions process and applications.

(1) Narrow your list of boarding schools to 10 max. It’s very important to channel your energy into applying to fewer schools, than you would when you apply to colleges or graduate schools. Further, you’re younger and the bulk of your energy shouldn’t be spent on application processes, but rather on growing and learning new math and reading concepts. Additionally, keeping your boarding school list to at most 10 schools (or even less) will allow the boarding school admissions officers to realize how serious you are about their particular school.
(2) Pick your geographic region early in the process.  You absolutely must realize that going to boarding school isn’t like applying to colleges – you can easily get homesick and miss your family.  Being able to visit family with a quick flight might be important to you.  If however, you’re the type of student (of if you’re an international student) where this isn’t going to be a problem, then go ahead and apply to schools far away from home.
(3) Take your SSAT and/or ISEE as early as possible!  These exams could be the first set of “real” exams that you’ve ever had to prepare for in your short academic career.  Consider getting SSAT Prep or ISEE Tutoring to help you improve your scores.  to help you improve your scores.  The SSAT and ISEE are major factors in the boarding school admissions and application process – and you need to be aware, and ready to take these exams.
(4) Get a recommendation from a neighbor.   What you might ask?  How on earth could this be helpful?  Well, getting a recommendation from a neighbor or community leader, could very much exemplify your maturity and ability to contribue to your surroundings.  Remember, part of the private school application is about showing your maturity – and imagine if you have a neighbor who sees your maturity everyday.  Little things like this could have a significant impact

(5) Be prepared for your admissions interview!  When you’re in grades 5 – 8, you’re probably not used to interviews.  In fact, if you’re reading this article on boarding school admissions, I would be impressed… but the goal is to prepare for your boarding school interview by having a candid, honest conversation with a friend or family member about your goals in applying to each school.  You should do research ahead of time on the applications and know more than just stuff you read on each school’s website.


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