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Top Boarding Schools

Our Annual Ranking of Boarding Schools is listed below. Our boarding school rankings are based on a simple formula, described after the list.

(1) Phillips Exeter Academy
(2) Phillips Andover Academy
(3) St. Paul’s School
(4) Lawrenceville School
(5) Choate Rosemary Hall
(6) The Hotchkiss School
(7) Middlesex School
(8) Deerfield Academy
(9) Northfield Mt. Hermon School
(10) Loomis Chaffee

[Formula Used] Class Size + SAT Score Average + College Placement + Facilities
Note this formula is inclusive of all boarding schools and prep schools.

For more information on our private school rankings or on our own prep school admissions counseling.

Contact Top Test Prep’s admissions counseling team today at (800) 501-7737 for help with your boarding school applications and prep school admissions counseling.

These are the best boarding schools in America. There are many more out there, so let us help you do the research on this topic.

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