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Top Test Prep and Basecamp

Basecamp is an online project management site. While you may be more familiar with the program in a business setting, it works well as a sharing site between tutor, student, and family. Basecamp offers some helpful features like a calendar, to-do lists, a message board and the ability to select shared materials and files. The tutor, student, and parent have access to these features making it easy to see when the next lesson is, what happened last session, or if there are practice materials available in the files.

Basecamp can help keep students on track. The user-friendly task calendar makes it easy for students of any age to know what their homework is. Not only does the student know but parents have their own access code, letting them check in.

Have questions about the homework? Can’t remember the problems assigned? Just use the message board feature on your basecamp homepage. Simply write your message and when your tutor logs in they will see your question and can answer immediately.

Keep track of progress. When you start tutoring at the beginning of the summer by the time August rolls around you may wonder what you have accomplished? Simply take a moment and look back through your basecamp files and messages. There will be exam results, lesson summaries, and old assignments. You can look back over any of your materials and see how far you have come!

Basecamp is included in all of our programs at Top Test Prep and is an integral part of our service. It is a helpful feature that enhances the tutoring experience. To learn more about how we use Basecamp with our top tier tutoring service please call (800) 501-Prep.

For more information on Basecamp and how it enhances the tutoring experience, contact Kristin Nance, Director of Domestic and International Programs at Top Test Prep. Top Test Prep is the elite one on one tutoring and admissions company featuring some of the best and brightest tutors and admission experts in the business.  Kristin can be reached at 202-618-4532.


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