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Universities and Colleges With Highest and Lowest Costs

Here are the Universities and Colleges With Highest and Lowest Costs (Tuition + Room + Board = Total Cost)

The US Department of Education has released its list of institutions of higher learning with the highest and lowest costs. The figures were compiled for the 2009-2010 academic year and include tuition, room, and board. State budget cuts and increasing requests for financial aid have contributed to escalating costs. The average cost nationally for public not for profit universities with four year programs or above was $6,397. The average cost for private not for profit colleges with four year programs or above was $21,324. Institutions and their costs follow.

Public Institutions With Highest Costs

Penn State University, Main Campus (PA) $14,416
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Campus $14,154
University of Vermont $13,554
St. Mary’s College of Maryland $13,234
New Jersey Institute of Technology $12,856

Public Institutions With Lowest Costs
Haskell Indian Nations University (KS) $430
Dine College (Arizona) $805
University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus $1,320
Brazosport College (TX) $1,542
University of Puerto Rico in Ponce $1,815

Private Institutions With Highest Costs

Bates College (ME) $51,300
Connecticut College $51,115
Middlebury College (VT) $50,780
Union College (NY) $50,439
Colby College (ME) $50,320
Private Institutions With Lowest Costs
Webb Institute (NY) $ 0
Berea College (KY) $876
Sinte Gleska University (SD) $1,574
Magnolia Bible College (MS) 1,740
Turtle Mountain Community College (ND) $2,000

While cost is a factor in the considerations of many families when deliberating on college options, it should be noted that the most costly institutions of higher learning are often among the strongest academically according to educational experts. They also often offer the best financial aid packages.

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