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Wall Street Journal – ACT Test Article

Responding to the ACT Test Prep article…

Today’s Wall Street Journal article on the ACT exam is indicative of a larger need to bring test prep to schools and high schools across America. What we recommend is that high schools implement ACT prep programs that allow many deserving students the opportunity to not only take the ACT exam, but to do well on it. We offer test prep boot camps to many cities currently, and we would be happy to help any schools with consulting on how to improve their ACT exam scores – school wide.

If any high school is looking to implement an ACT test prep curriculum or would like advice on how to set up an ACT exam course, contact us today at (800) 501-7737.

We’re committed to giving students the best tools in preparing for the ACT exam. Here’s info on our ACT Prep program.

Link to WSJ article: http://bit.ly/2SCyGL

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