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Wall Street Journal’s Article – SAT Coaching and Test Prep

To make an analogy for your article on SAT Coaching: any diet works. You become more disciplined and focused on your overall physique when you go on a diet. It does not matter which diet you choose, you are likely to see some results. Similarly, all test prep can work for some student test improvement. However, the difference between some large test prep companies like Kaplan and Princeton Review and our smaller company, Top Test Prep, is that they believe in a one-size fits all approach to test prep, whereas we believe every student deserves personalized attention for less the price.

Filling classrooms with hundreds of students at a time, these large companies are no different than that of a public school forcing a uniform curriculum upon its student body. It is impossible to justify the outrageous prices that Kaplan and Princeton Review charge for their services, and it’s further absurd that they have for years purported “guaranteed improvements.” This is nothing short of false advertising. We believe that the market deserves more independent, smaller test prep companies who charge less, are not affiliated with major media outlets- as Kaplan is owned by the Washington Post- and who don’t give false guarantees.

Top Test Prep students improve their scores because we focus on the individual and work to make sure they have all the resources they need to succeed on the SAT exam. Our company strives to make sure every student taking the SAT exam has personalized attention and SAT tutoring that fits their exact needs. We are successful because students and parents time and again believe our SAT prep is the most intensive and best value for the family’s investment.

Ross Blankenship
President, Top Test Prep

Reference to: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124278685697537839.html

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