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What High School Juniors Should Do to Prepare for College Applications

High School Junior Year College Application To-Do List

As the academic year approaches, it’s time for rising juniors to start thinking about their college application to-do list. A list of steps to be taken follows.

Throughout your junior year:
-Find a test preparation and college advising service such as Top Test Prep to begin early prep.
-Keep your grades high and your courses as challenging as possible.
-Get information packets from the colleges you’re considering through their web-sites or admissions departments.
-Look into scholarships with your counselor, and at online sites like Fastweb.
-Attend college fairs, financial aid workshops, and career days at your high school and in your region.
-Start college visits over the duration of the year.

Fall of Junior Year (checklist)
-Meet with your advisor to make sure that you’re meeting graduation requirements and that your classes will assist you with the colleges you are considering.
-Register for and take the PSAT.
-Schedule dates to take the SAT(collegeboard.com) and ACT(actstudent.org) at least once this year.
-Look into financial aid programs.

-Review your PSAT results with your testing preparation service and your advisor.
-Register for the SAT, ACT, and SAT II tests. If you are applying Early Decision and want to take them a second time, arrange to take the SAT and ACT again in June.
-Think about what classes, volunteer work, programs, and camps you want to take or attend in the summer.

-Compile writing samples and put together portfolios for the colleges and scholarships you are interested in.
-Take AP courses for AP classes you have completed.
– See your advisor for an NCAA clearinghouse form if you want to play sports in college.
-Look for a summer job related to your intended college major.

Applying for college is a major task, but with these tips you’ll go far. Top Test prep can assist you by providing private tutors and test preparation with admissions experts who help you gain admission to your top schools.
David Dickson is a counselor with Top Test Prep. Call (800) 501-Prep to learn more about Top Test Prep’s programs.

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