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What Internships and Activities Should I Include on my Medical School Application?

On the AMCAS application, there is a med school activities section where you can list up to 15 important things you have been a part of. For each of the submissions, you have 700 characters to describe what you did and what it meant to you as a prospective medical school student. You can choose three of these to be your “most meaningful”. For these three points, you have an extra 1300 characters to expand on these experiences.

In this section, you can put anything, including internships, jobs you held (either medical or non medical in nature), volunteer organizations you have been a part of, leadership positions, collegiate sports you have been involved in etc. Med school admissions committees are looking for applicants with varied interests! However, it is important to show that you have been committed to the prospect of going to medical school in your activities.

By including a range of activities and internships in your application, you show that you can handle a multitude of different time commitments and stay focused at the same time. This is the section that you should brag about yourself and show how each of these experiences have helped you grow as a person and as a prospective medical school student. A good way to think about whether or not you should add a given submission is asking yourself if you can talk about it during an interview, and how you can claim that a given activity will help you be a better doctor.

This is a very important part of the application, and you should put a lot of care and thought into each submission. Make sure to show your commitment to the enrichment of life and knowledge and your growth as a person and student through your activities.

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