What is on the MCAT?

Here’s a breakdown of what’s on the MCAT exam:

MCAT Exam Overview

Section, Number of Questions, Time Allotted
Tutorial (optional), 10 minutes
Examinee Agreement, 10 minutes
Physical Sciences, 52 questions, 70 minutes
Break (optional) 10 minutes
Verbal Reasoning, 40 questions, 60 minutes
Break (optional) 10 minutes
Biological Sciences, 52 questions, 70 minutes
Void Question 5 minutes
Break (optional) 10 minutes
Trial Section (optional), 32 questions 45 minutes
Satisfaction Survey (optional) 12 10 minutes

How long is the MCAT exam?

Total Content Time 4 hours | 5 minutes
Total “Seated” Time, Approx. 5 hours | 10 minutes


Tutoring and Test Prep

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 The new MCAT 2015 exam, what to expect:

  • There will be an addition of a social and behavioral sciences section, and other behavior additions.
  • Added Critical analysis and reasoning skills section.
  • Natural sciences section addition.

The new MCAT exam will require a higher level of critical analysis – beyond memorization of biology and physical sciences.

Bottom line: The MCAT exam will still be just as challenging, if not more so. Get prepared, be ready and have the tools, books and tips to succeed on it.

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What is the MCAT exam?

The Medical College Admission Test, better known as “the MCAT”, is how medical schools determine if a pre-med student has the ability to succeed if enrolled in their respective institution.  The MCAT is approximately 5+ hours, and requires substantial endurance to complete all sections of the test:  Verbal, Physical and Biological sciences, as well as a Writing sample.  Note: the MCAT will be changing in 2015.   Above we list what to expect differently when this new MCAT is released.

We hope this page gives you detailed information on what is on the MCAT exam and what you can expect.

Basic Information about MCAT Exam

Duration Program Type
40 questions, 60 minutes Verbal Reasoning
52 questions, 70 minutes Physical Sciences
52 questions, 70 minutes Biological Sciences
32 questions, 45 minutes Trial Section (optional)

*Total Exam Time for MCAT: About 5 Hours