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What to do at a High School “College Visit” Fair

Recommendations for a Successful College Fair Visit
As we transition into the fall, the college fair season is also upon us. How can you make the most of this opportunity? The following recommendations should be of assistance in this area.

1. Organize Before You Go
Review a list of the participating schools, usually available online or at your high school guidance office. A reasonable approach would be to target two to three schools in each of three categories: stretch schools, reasonable schools, and back-ups.

2. Prepare Questions for College Representatives Ahead of Time
Examine college web-sites to help you formulate questions on a variety of topics including your major, financial aid, internships, and graduate school and job placement rates.

3. Print Pre-Addressed Labels to Bring With You
Save time filling out interest cards by using pre-printed address labels with your name, address, e-mail address, high school, possible majors, and when you will start college.

4. Collect Business Cards from College Representatives
This will give you the opportunity for follow-up questions and a personal contact as you consider the institution.

5. Strategize With a Map of the College Tables
Pick up your map as you enter the fair so that you can use your time productively.

6. Arrive Early
If you get there early, before it gets crowded, you will have more time with the college representatives.

7. Review College Materials Carefully
Highlight what you like about schools, and write down questions to e-mail to college representatives.

8. Place Schools You Are Still Considering in a File
Add additional information to your files as it becomes available.

The college fair is only one stage in your college search, but an important one. Take advantage of this opportunity. Top Test Prep offers tutoring and test preparations with admissions experts who will help you gain admission to your top schools.

David Dickson is an admissions counselor with Top Test Prep. Call Top Test Prep at (800) 501-Prep or contact our team today.

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