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What to Do If You Are Deferred for College Admission

If your early application for admission is deferred, you can increase your chances of admission by taking the following four steps.

1. Find Out Why You Were Deferred: Within a few days of receiving your deferral, contact the admissions office and ask to speak with the office responsible for your application file. In a respectful tone, emphasize that his/her college is your first choice and ask if there is anything which prevented you from being accepted. If a reason is provided, politely ask if you have a reasonable chance of admission because if there is, you will work toward that end.

2. Improve Your Shortcomings: Address the reasons for your deferral if specific ones were mentioned. For instance, if your SAT/ACT scores were too low, contact a test preparation service to assist you, and retake the exams in late January or early February. If your recommendation letters were inadequate, ask one of your current teachers to write an additional letter of recommendation. Moreover, if your GPA is not high enough, work to excel in this semester’s courses.

3. Keep in Touch With the Admissions Officer For Your File: Over the next few months through a couple of messages reiterate to the admissions officer that college is your first choice, why this is the case, and that you will attend if accepted. Describe new accomplisments not included in your original application. It is counterproductive, however, to bombard the officer with telephone calls or e-mails.

4. In Early Spring Contact the Admissions Officer Again: Write a letter outlining your recent accomplishments such as improved SAT/ACT scores or outstanding grades. Call him/her a few weeks later to summarize these accomplishments.

If all goes well, you will receive a notice of acceptance. Don’t neglect applying to other schools, however.

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