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What To Do With Your Senior Spring?

By now, many students have heard from colleges or will hear within the next few weeks. These students are in the enviable position of having a “lameduck status” in their classrooms. Senior spring is no secret, and to a degree it should be enjoyed. But it is also a chance to take on new opportunities that will benefit you down the road.

Now, a necessary word of preemption. As many people will tell you, your college acceptance is not set in stone. It is conditional on continuing up a similar caliber of excellence. Furthermore, one should not see this as an opportunity to shirk on any commitments they have made prior to getting into school. That said, it is also an opportunity to relax from having to do the absolute best work and put your focus towards other endeavors. So with that, let me write about a few ways I think a student can best take advantage of this time.

1) Take It Easy
Yes, don’t go and fail all your classes and drop out of your clubs. But do take advantage of the opportunity to relax a little bit. You’re about to head off for another four years of hard work. Allowing yourself to ease up on your high standards “a tad” will allow you to recharge and enjoy the remaining days of high school. If you haven’t yet signed up for your final classes, go ahead and take less than the maximum amount!

2) Take Risks
Senior spring also presents an opportunity to take some risks and try out something  that you may not excel at but could enjoy or learn from. If your school operates on a trimester or quarter system, you may have the opportunity to still sign up for classes. Think about taking a class outside your comfort zone, but that may interest you or benefit your career down the road. For example, these days, everyone can benefit from some knowledge of computer coding. Why not take one in high school now, rather than pay to do it later?  Or try an art class or creative writing class. Many people believe they have no creative ability; in fact, a little teaching often will go a long way.

3) Focus on your Extracurricular Activities
Now that you don’t have to spend your time clawing away for every point on your tests, you can put in more time to your extracurricular activities. The times when someone can spend several months focused on what they care about most are few and far between. If you have been working with a club or charitable organization this is great time to take on an initiative that will have a lasting impact. If you do work in the arts outside of school, make a goal to accomplish something significant. That way, when you look back on this time in your life, you’ll see that you didn’t just spend it all trying to get in college, but you had other accomplishments you are proud of as well.

No matter what you do, remember to still treat school in a serious manner. Above all, though, enjoy the time, and get ready for the next stage in your life.

This post is titled, “What To Do With Your Senior Spring?.” It was written by Jon B., a writer on Top Test Prep’s team. For more expert college admissions advice, call Top Test Prep today at (800) 501-7737.

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