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Why Students Go To College and What Are Their Life Priorities

Reasons why students go to college…and other useful information.

What is the impetus behind the decision of American students to go to college and what do they regard as important in life? The most comprehensive national analysis of college freshman conducted in the last academic year by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA provides answers to these questions.

Reasons for Going to College
The following reasons were “Very Important” in deciding to go to college:
To be able to get a better job 84.7%
To learn about things that interest me 82.8%
To get training for a specific career 77.6%
To gain a general education and appreciation of ideas 72.4%
To be able to make more money 71.2%
To prepare myself for graduate or professional school 60.2%
To make me a more cultured person 50.9%

Life Priorities
Objectives considered to be “Essential” or “Very Important”:
Being very well off financially 77.4%
Raising a family 73.4%
Helping others who are in difficulty 69.1%
Becoming an authority in my field 58.0%
Obtaining recognition from my colleagues for contributions to my special field 54.8%
Improving my understanding of other countries and cultures 49.1%
Adopting “green” practices to protect the environment 42.3%

The monetary and career value of a BA alone is well established with college graduates earning more than a million dollars more in a life-time than their counterparts who just completed high school. Unemployment levels of high school graduates are two and a half times greater than college graduates. Relative financial stability then opens up opportunities for the realization of an array of life goals. Top Test Prep will assist you in gaining admission to your top schools.

David Dickson is an admissions counselor with Top Test Prep. For more information, or to interview and education expert, call (800) 501-Prep.

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