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Why the SSAT Writing Sample is Important

During the SSAT, you will have 25 minutes to write a response to your choice from two prompts. There is no right or wrong answer and the results aren’t a factor in your overall score. With that said, you might be wondering why this section is on the test at all. While it isn’t a scored section, the SSAT writing sample is an important indicator used by high schools to assess your creativity, communication skills, and organization of ideas. Here are some tips to provide the best writing sample possible:

• Stick to the topic and answer the question directly. The 25-minute limit isn’t a lot of time, so take a few minutes to collect and organize your thoughts before jumping into the writing.
• Use specific examples. These can be personal stories, current events, or classic examples from literature or history. Wherever your interests lie, use them to provide strong support for your argument.
• Follow directions. This means write legibly, use a black pen, and follow grammar guidelines. Using a variety of relevant vocabulary words, too, will enliven your text.

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