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Women vs. Men: How do we view our college experiences?

A just released Pew Research Center Survey highlights a growing gender gap on how female and male college graduates view their college experience. Selective survey results follow.

Is A College Education Money Well Spent?
50% of women say yes versus 37% of men

Did College Help You Mature and Grow As a Person?

74% of women say yes versus 64% of men

Did College Increase Your Knowledge and Help You Grow Intellectually?
81% of women said it was very useful in this regard versus 67% of men

Disparate gender attitudes on higher education are manifested in a growing disparity in college completion rates. As of 2010, 36 percent of women 25 to 29 years of age had achieved a bachelor’s degree whereas 28 percent of men in this age bracket had done so, a gap which has increased since 1992. In an era in which a college education is increasingly a precondition for a middle class life-style, the repercussions of this discrepancy are far-reaching for family stability and national prosperity.

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