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How To Write the Perfect Personal Statement

The number of students applying to college is at an all time high, so submitting a great personal statement is a good way to separate you from the pack. Personal statements can be the deciding factor into whether or not a college decides to accept you. The essay is your chance to show off your personality in addition to your academics, extracurricular activities and life experiences. Here are some tips and pointers on how to write the perfect personal statement.

Follow directions. Almost all colleges ask you to adhere to their word limitations. Remember, it’s a personal statement, not an autobiography. Sometimes, it pays to be concise; especially when you consider the amount of personal statements the admission office receives. Don’t have one universal essay that you plan on submitting to different colleges. You need to make sure you essay is tailored according to what is being asked of you.

Pick a topic you are passionate about. Try to differentiate yourself as a unique individual. Show who you are, not who you think the college wants to read about.

Proofread and then proofread again. Your personal statement says a lot about you. A personal statement filled with errors and typos says that you are lazy and careless. That’s not the impression you want the admissions officers to have of you.

Remember, the personal statement is just that; personal. It tells the admissions board what you value, what excites you and what drives you to succeed.

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