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Writing the Best Admissions Essay

Here are some tips on how to write the best admissions essays and personal statements:
  • Develop a theme: instead of listing every extracurricular activity you’ve done or all the things you have done throughout high school, write one consistent theme that embodies who you are as a student. Example: if you are an athlete but also enjoy biology, write an admissions essay or personal statement about what it is like being a student scholar on your team, and how people perceive you as a student and teammate.
  • Proofread, proofread, and proofread: Nothing looks worse on an admissions essay than grammar or spelling errors. Proofread your admissions essay, correct the errors and then do it again. Read it out loud, read it backwards, and ensure that all mistakes are removed.
  • Think Critically: As you proofread your essay think about every sentence and every paragraph critically. Could you write something differently to make a bigger impact? Is your word usage correct? How could you improve upon what you have written to make it even better?
  • Admissions Essay Help: Along with taking steps one and two yourself, have someone you know do the same. Your friends, your teachers, or even your college counselor may have ideas that can help your admissions essay become that one element that pushes you over the top and gets you into the college of your choice. We also offer admissions counseling which is excellent for students applying to all programs, whether private schools, colleges or graduate schools.  Our Ivy League editors and private admissions counselors are here to help you get into the best schools.
  • Revise Accordingly: As you work through the first three ideas, revise your admissions essay accordingly. Each time you do go right back to step number one and edit your essay again. If you work through these steps a few times you will get to the point where you feel it can’t be improved anymore.

“Writing the Best Admissions Essays” was written by education expert and college consultant, Ross Blankenship.  Ross is the President of TopTestPrep.com, which provides private tutoring and college admissions consulting to students and parents. If you’re applying to top schools, call (800) 501-PREP today.

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